Education / Health Care Support

Education / Health Care


The “SATYA”, an NGO is supporting the in-house teaching of our children in groups under their project
  “Amar Gyanor Xhopon” (Our dream of knowledge)
Executive Member Smt. Lakhimi Barooah of Kharghuli, Guwahati has donated Rs. 1,00,000.00 (One Lakh)
  only for creation of a “Hironya Prabha Barooah Orphan Healthcare Fund” for supporting the health care
  expenses.The money has been invested in fixed deposit mode and the interest will be utilized
  for health care of the children.
Ms. Uma Bora of Ulubari , Guwahati has donated an amount of Rs. 2,00,000.00 (Two Lakh) only on
  4th February, 2012 for creation of a fund in the name of her late parents Late Kesab Ram Bora and Late
  Bhanumati Bora, the interest from which is to be utilized for health care expenses of the Sadan children.
Sri Biswajit Roy of Kamakhya Colony, Pandu has donated an amount of Rs. 21,000 from sale of
  ornaments of his aunt Late Santilata Roy. With this amount the audio system of the Auditorium
  has been provided.
Down Town Hospital of DownTown has offered us great help in the field of Medical as well as
  other activities.