Project Completed Recently

Project Completed

Complete Grills On girls Dormitory Veranda
Link Road From Main Gate to the dormitories and office
The much-needed drinking water supply project has been implemented during the year 2008-09. Out of
  the Local Area Development Scheme (LADS) of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, at a cost of Rs.8.00
  lakhs under the Deputy Commissioner, Kamrup (Metro) and the project was implemented by the Public
  Health Engineerind Department (PHED) in record time.
Construction of the double-storied building now named Learning Centre was started with Rs.4.4 lakhs
  contributed by the State Bank of India under Corporate Responsibility Scheme and the same was
  completed with Rs.4 lakhs and Rs.3 lakhs received from Member of Parliament Local Area Development
  Scheme (MPLADS) of Shri Indramoni Bora and late Silvius Condapan, M.P. (R.S.) respectively under the
  Kamrup (Metro) district. This building has accommodated the much-required auditorium, classrooms and
  computer centre.
A new maintenance-free integrated bio-gas plant with production facility for vermi-composting manure
  has been added during 2010-11. It was funded by Shri Bhubaneswar Kalita, M.P. (R.S.) out of his Local
  Area Development Scheme at a total cost of Rs.1.4 lakhs under Kamrup district and was implemented in
  collaboration with Energy Department of IIT, Guwahati. Because of this plant, the expense on cooking fuel has been substantially reduced and the sale of vermi-composting manure has contributed towards self-
  sustainability of the Sadan.
A computer room and a toilet block funded by Shri Loknath Das and Ms Munu Das of South
  Sarania, Guwahati in memory of their deceased daughter Juthika Das with an amount of Rs.3.00 lakhs.
  have augmented the facilities available to the children.
With funds received from well-wishers like Shri Pradip Baruah of Lamb Road, Shri Abhijit Goswami of
  Chandmari, Bihu Committee of Birmingham, U.K. (through Dr. Shyam Saikia) and Rotary Club of Yardley
  Sheldon in Birmingham, U.K. (through Dr. Bhupendra Dev Sarmah of U.K.), Sparsh School of Ananda
  Nagar, Sixmile, Guwahati and others, the uneven and low-lying areas of the compound have been filled up,
  resulting in increased land utilization for the kitchen garden and children’s play areas.
An Assam-type house consisting of three rooms including a toilet block has been constructed
  by the Powergrid Corporation of India Ltd. under their Corporate Responsibility Scheme (2010-11) at an
  approximate amount of Rs.7 lakhs. Presently these rooms are used as Meeting / Visitor’s Room and
Girls dormitory Renovated.
Dinning Hall re-designed and decorated completely.

Recent Projects

Latrin and Bathroom re-design.
Guest Room work in progress.
Living Accomodation for Employees in Progress.
Campus Mandhir Constructions